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Enrolment Process

Learn more about the journey to becoming a SASY student.

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Referrals & Enrolment

At SASY, we want to know as much about you as possible, particularly things you are interested in and what supports we can put in place to help you learn best, both in and outside of the classroom. We encourage students to give us as much information as possible when applying so that we have context when reviewing your application.

We begin with the enrolment form, which students and/or parents/carers complete online. We then contact you to come in for an interview and if we believe that SASY can adequately support you and is the right fit, then we'll let you know! You'll fill out some more boring paperwork and after that, you are ready to start.

The whole process typically takes a month and intake is once per Term, but you can apply at anytime.

"You really matter here and I think it's a really good place to be if you struggle with mental health and wellbeing." - Selena, student

Supporting Documentation

When we ask for documentation to support your application, what we mean is any information that you think will help us understand you and your individual circumstances. Specific information we are looking for can include:

  • Medical reports and assessments
  • School reports
  • Notes or letters written by the student explaining their situation
  • Notes or letters written by a parent/carer/support person explaining the student's situation
  • Examples of work
  • Contact information for professionals and/or organisations supporting the student (e.g. NDIS, psychologist etc)
  • Anything you else you think would be helpful!

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