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A unique school that caters to young people in need of something different.

Reigniting students’ interest in education

SASY brings a holistic approach to education, combining student-driven learning with a focus on wellbeing. Educational programs are personalised to suit the individual student so they have the best chance of achieving their goals.

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Developing skills for improving and maintaining wellbeing

Wellbeing is at the core of every educational experience we provide. We focus on the students as a whole and consider their health, emotions and socialisation when designing curriculum and subject offerings.

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"I'm honestly in a far better place in my life now and this is all thanks to, in part, the school that took a chance on me." - Nick, 2021

At SASY, we are privileged to witness our students overcoming adversity and achieving great things. We continue to be inspired by them and in awe of what young people are capable of.

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Our approach to senior school

We offer flexible pathways for SACE completion so students can finish their schooling in the way that best suits them.

Our approach to senior school

A new way to learn

SASY is located in the heart of the Adelaide CBD across four buildings on Chesser Street. Each site is purpose built for student learning and connection.

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Built around teamwork

The health and wellbeing of SASY students is greatly enhanced by the support of our multi-disciplinary team. These staff members build rapport with students and can guide and mentor them through challenges they have both in and out of the classroom.

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