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Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School curriculum is based on ACARA standards which are taught utilising a student driven project approach.

SASY content 115

Students complete multiple individual and group projects with additional subject or skill focussed lessons delivered as required. Integrated into the individual and group projects, young people are also developing specific skills such as collaboration, the ability to give and receive feedback and develop resilience.

Some projects that our Middle School students have participated in include:

  • Creating a drag costume out of recycled products

  • Mixed media artworks

  • Sculpture art pieces

  • Tiny house design

  • Webpage design

  • Clay animation movie production

  • Surviving a zombie apocalypse

  • Skate park design

Student Centred Learning

In 2020, SASY started the process of transitioning to Project Based Learning or as we prefer to call it, Student Centred Learning. Student Centred Learning is a teaching approach that engages students in learning that involves real-world, meaningful projects. This allows teachers to meet the achievement standards set by ACARA while building life skills in our young people. Each Hub at SASY is approaching this in its own unique way and are offering both group and individual projects to students.

Previous projects have included the research, design, budgeting and building of skateboards and skate culture, and "sneaker head" culture.


SASY produces reports for students and their families/caregivers twice a year at the end of each semester. Reports include learning and wellbeing progress comments with a focus on student growth moving forward.