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Our Facilities

Discover our facilities and how we've designed our spaces to maximise engagement and comfort for our students.

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SASY is lucky enough to have four sites nestled in the Adelaide CBD, in a quiet lane between Grenfell and Pirie Street. Students can easily access our school by public transport if need be, there is ample parking nearby and Rundle Mall is a hop, skip and a jump from campus.

Each site has three levels and have been refurbished specifically for our student and staffing requirements and are located at 25, 27, 29 and 30 Chesser Street.

SASY does not zone enrolments and accepts students from all over Adelaide. A central location ensures that we remain accessible to young people who need us.

30 Chesser

SASY's first building, 30 Chesser Street houses the following facilities:

  • Administration
  • Hot spot offices
  • Student breakout room
  • Two student kitchens
  • All gender bathroom
  • Shower facilities (when required)
  • Staff kitchen
  • Middle School learning environment
  • Gym

This was the building that SASY was born in! And now look at us...

25 Chesser

Across the road, 25 Chesser Street contains three levels purpose built for specific subject areas:

  • Photography studio
  • 3D printing and digital technology
  • Computer lab
  • Science lab
  • Art studio
  • Hot spot offices

27 Chesser

This was the second building that SASY refurbished, and was built to house staff and students in a similar design to 30. Facilities include:

  • Administration
  • Hot spot offices
  • Staff kitchen
  • All gender bathrooms
  • Shower facilities (when required)
  • Student breakout room
  • Student kitchen
  • Ignite Hub
  • Consult room
  • Multi-purpose classroom

29 Chesser

SASY's fourth building is located in the old Chesser Cellars. This site features:

  • Quiet rooms
  • Consult rooms - including a Medical Room and Psychologist's Office
  • Hot spot offices
  • Kitchen
  • Cafeteria named 'Cafe 29'
  • Empower Hub
  • Lift access
  • Multi-purpose classrooms
  • All gender bathrooms


Being in the city has it perks, but sometimes we are limited on space and we have to journey outside our four walls!

SASY has a car that is used for Outreach Services and to transport students to and from locations when required. Any activities or classes that can not be accommodated onsite are booked externally and students are transported via private buses.

We are looking into more transport opportunities for 2022 and beyond so keep your eyes peeled for new SASY wheels on the road!