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SASY's take on the more traditional 'homegroup' structure. The four Hubs provide consistent staffing, location and sense of community for our students.

SASY content 111

Students are allocated into Hubs based on criteria such as wellbeing, year level and ability, and each Hub has their own purpose built space.

The four Hubs are:

  • Connect
  • Ignite
  • Inspire
  • Empower

Each Hub is unique, just like our students.

Each Hub has a Team Leader and a Senior Teacher who work closely together to coordinate and support learning and wellbeing.

Hubs have their own staffing group consisting of both wellbeing and teaching staff, and students start and end each day in their Hubs. Timetables, or 'rhythms' as SASY calls them are set by Hubs and each space is designed to suit the needs of their cohort.