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Student Stories

Students, past and present share their personal journey at SASY and what the school really means to them.

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Life before SASY was a lot.

It was me just having to get through the day, every day. I just had to power through, it wasn't life.

I was brought to SASY by my case worker and was told that I’d be out of there in a year. Clearly that didn't go to plan. And why? Because staff cared more than I expected.

Changing from a FLO program to SASY was when things got kicked into gear. I started showing up more, doing more and was made accountable for myself. I've been here three extra years and am finally ready to graduate as a youth worker. I now expect to have a future. It makes me think that if I have been given time, time I didn't expect to have, then what could be a better use of my life now than to give back to others like I've been given to.

Most of the time I feel better than before. Anything is better than before. If it wasn't for SASY I wouldn't be where I am right now.

— Pagan, 2020

I never thought I would have an opportunity to complete my SACE.

In 2018 I was kicked out my previous school. My sister was a student at SASY, and she helped me to arrange a meeting. I was told a staff member would take me under their wing, and they did.

The first little while at SASY wasn’t easy, but soon I learnt coping mechanisms and how to calm myself. It’s been a long hard 4 years but I am now getting to where I want to be, and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the staff and students at SASY.

— Maria, 2021

I graduated from SASY in 2020. My experience here has been incredible and life changing, as soon as I stepped into the doors I was accepted by everyone in the building - students and staff.

I was given a voice in my learning and timetable and always felt I was supported. I was given a lot of opportunity to learn my way and experience new things with new people. I have made life long friends, and also been offered a career here at SASY.

To be given the opportunity to give back to my peers as a role model has been extremely rewarding and given me purpose.

— Jai, 2020 Graduate

I graduated in 2019 from SASY. Naturally we know what happened in 2020 and how much of a life stopper that was, but due to the ideals and inner strength given to me by SASY I survived through it all and in 2021; I can safely say that I’m the strongest, healthiest, and best version of myself!

I'm currently studying a Cert III in Business Administration to further my career aspirations and honestly just in a far better place in my life.

This is all thanks to in part a special little unsuspecting school in the city that took a frightened boy in, took care of him, and accepted him, helping him grow into a fine young man ready to take on the world. Forever thankful to the treasure of a school, SASY.

— Nick, 2019 Graduate

Specialised Assistance School for Youth… you mean an extended family! I was a student at SASY for 4 years, where I successfully completed my SACE pathway as well as 3 and a half separate certificates.

Before enrolling as a student at SASY I honestly couldn’t tell you what I wanted to do in the future, let alone what I’d be doing next week. Thanks to the amazing support network at SASY including Youth Workers, Teachers and admin staff, I was able to find my career pathway. I knew after all the amazing support I received from staff I wanted to be a support worker for youth, or for anyone who is struggling, and since graduating, I've done just that.

If I was to meet a young person who was struggling with the stress of school, and they were looking for other options I would recommend SASY without a doubt.

Having a tough day, or week? SASY is a very safe, non judgemental place. They have options for a “chill” out room, where you can just sit and relax, feeling agitated or angry? Have a kick or punch on the boxing bags! The best part about SASY is every staff member is happy to sit and chat with you about what’s going on, or even just to sit down for a friendly chat.

Thank you again to all the staff that helped me over the years, I will always be forever grateful.

— Kellcie, 2020 Graduate