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Alternative Programs

Our students engage in a variety of programs both on and offsite that focus on hands-on experience and community building, whilst also fulfilling learning needs.

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The programs offered are a direct result of student feedback and needs, and each Term, new programs are introduced. These programs are designed to get students to try their hand at skills and activities they may not normally seek out, and to encourage them to branch out of their comfort zone, work in groups and venture out of the classroom. Previous programs have included:

  • ‘Golden Grooves’ dance class
  • Yoga
  • ‘BBall with T’ basketball
  • ‘Test Kitchen’ cooking
  • Tea Club tea sampling and creation
  • Ice skating
  • Muay Thai
  • Digital art and photography
  • Singing and music
  • Minecraft gaming lessons
  • Local Drug and Action Team (LDAT) student led podcast 'Puff n Pass'

Two of the most successful and long-running programs are our Adventure Program and externally led 'Labs 'n Life' middle school program.

Adventure Program

The Adventure Program is designed to use outdoor activities as an intervention tool with young people who have experienced adversities and are potentially exhibiting disruptive behaviours at school.

Activities typically involve opportunities for participants to understand and solve problems, regulate their emotions, build healthy relationships with peers and staff, work in groups, learn skills and build competencies, and most importantly, have positive educational experiences.

Being fully present in the activities allows our students to leave the pressures of daily life behind and expand their perspective, challenging themselves with managed risks, increasing their body and mind awareness, building reflective practice and connecting with nature. All of these experiences and skills can then be utilised in the classroom by our students and equips them with tools they can use to overcome barriers to learning such as stress or anxiety. Activities have included beach walks, high ropes courses, kayaking, paddle boarding and Challenge Hill at Woodhouse.

Labs 'n Life

SASY partnered with Labs ‘n Life to support students with significant barriers to learning to engage in a program that helps increase attendance and improves learning outcomes. Each student works with the same dog, all Labrador Retrievers, over a school term to teach them obedience skills as part of their training to become assistance dogs for vulnerable youth. These dogs can go on to support students in schools as young as Years 1 and 2.

A hugely popular program, these dogs are teaching our students as much as the students are teaching them! Not only are the students building positive associations with schooling and re-engaging with learning, but they are strengthening communication and interpersonal skills, forming positive relationships with peers and animals, learning to set goals and overcome challenges, whilst also contributing to their community and giving back.