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Our School

Investing in the future of our youth.


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Health and Wellbeing

SASY has a holistic approach to learning that encompasses a young persons' wellbeing and educational needs.


At SASY we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom and we encourage our students to adopt an explorative approach to their education, and experience and try as many things as possible.


Start your journey at SASY here and let us show you a world of learning that extends beyond the classroom.


SASY prides itself on being an employer of choice and is always looking for passionate, bright and adaptable people to join our team.

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Acknowledgement of Country

At SASY, we are privileged and proud to educate this generation of young Australians on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people.

Our Journey

A brief history of SASY and key moments we'd like to share.

We Believe

All young people are capable of making positive changes in their lives. We provide learning opportunities for our young people, under-pinned by a caring and safe environment to help them reach their potential.

Our Leadership

SASY is moving in leaps and bounds thanks to our engaged and diverse Board and Senior Leadership Team.

Graduate Pathways

SASY is proud to have played a role in the success of our graduates, but ultimately, we are proud of them and are cognisant of what they have endured to achieve this.

Alternative Programs

Our students engage in a variety of programs both on and offsite that focus on hands-on experience and community building, whilst also fulfilling learning needs.

Senior School

SASY offers our senior students flexible pathways to ensure that every young person can learn in a way that best suits their needs.

Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School curriculum is based on ACARA standards which are taught utilising a student driven project approach.


SASY's take on the more traditional 'homegroup' structure. The four Hubs provide consistent staffing, location and sense of community for our students.

C.E. Welcome

Welcome to the Specialised Assistance School for Youth, or SASY as we like to call it.

Student Stories

Students, past and present share their personal journey at SASY and what the school really means to them.

Our Partners & Supporters

SASY is lucky enough to have a range of industry leaders that support and fund our school.

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Enrolment Process

Learn more about the journey to becoming a SASY student

A Holistic Approach

At SASY, we acknowledge that academic and personal growth best occurs in a safe and supportive environment where physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural issues are addressed as part of a holistic learning approach.

Our Team

SASY's staff are a rich blend of people from various backgrounds, who work together to connect and ignite a passion for learning, inspiring students to be the best versions of themselves and empowering them to succeed.


SASY's Grievance, Privacy and Anti-Sexual Harassment policies can be found here.


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The SASY Way

SASY places significant emphasis on student health and wellbeing. Everything at the school from the classrooms to the staffing ratios have been designed to nurture and support young people, not just in learning, but in life.